So how does this service work?

Basically, we let our customers swap their sunglasses whenever they want. 

What if I want to keep the same pair of sunglasses? 

You can keep your sunglasses as long as you want! If you want a different pair, though, simply purchase an "exchange" from our website. 

How much does it cost?

Don't worry; there are no monthly fees! We only charge you when you want to trade your sunglasses. Currently, all of our sunglasses cost $95, and all of our "exchanges" cost $25. 

What happens to the sunglasses I've returned? Are they re-used?

Yes — In between each swap, we carefully clean & inspect all of the sunglasses. We promise that every pair of sunglasses you receive from us will be in perfect condition!

Will "exchanges" always cost $25?

No — this price is based upon several factors, some of which will change in the future. We're confident that the price won't change in the short-term, and we're optimistic that the price may be a little lower in the future (#deliverydrones)!

I still have a few more questions.

Don't worry! We understand this sounds a little "too good to be true." Message us via the chat icon at the bottom right of this page, and we'll address any other questions you have.