How does Sagan work?

We make quality sunglasses, and we let our users swap their sunglasses at any time. For more details regarding this service, read our FAQ here.

Are the sunglasses any good?

Absolutely! We manufacture our sunglasses in Japan—at one of the world's best eyewear factories—using premium frame materials and polarized lenses. In essence, our focus is twofold: creating quality sunglasses and providing them to you at the lowest possible prices.

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How does the "exchange" process work?

After you buy your first pair of sunglasses, you can swap them for any pair you want. When you're ready for a new pair, simply purchase an exchange. Then we'll email you a return label, followed by your new sunglasses whenever you send back the original pair. You can exchange whenever you want & as many times as you want!

What happens to the sunglasses I've returned? Are they re-used?

Yes — In between each exchange, we carefully clean & inspect all of the sunglasses. If there are any scratches or broken parts, we'll repair them at no additional charge to you! Furthermore, we promise that every pair of sunglasses you receive from us will be in perfect condition!