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How does Sagan work?

We make quality sunglasses, and we let our users swap their sunglasses at any time. 



Beautifully designed, Expertly crafted

We handcraft 100% of our sunglasses in Japan at one of the world's best eyewear factories. Our sunglasses are composed of durable, Italian acetate frames and polarized, scratch-resistant lenses. 



Friendly Service, Amazing Prices

We don't sell to retail stores, we still directly to you. In doing so, we cut out the middleman and ensure that you avoid outrageous markups. All of our sunglasses currently cost $95, and all of our "exchanges" currently cost $25. Additionally, we offer free shipping and free returns.



Have a question we didn't answer?

Don't worry! We appreciate your due diligence! Feel free to contact us as via the chat icon at the bottom right of this page, or send us an email at Otherwise, feel free to start browsing our collection!