We make high-quality sunglasses.

We manufacture our sunglasses in Japan—at one of the world's best eyewear factories—using premium frame materials and polarized lenses. In essence, our focus is twofold: creating quality sunglasses and providing them to you at the lowest possible prices.

We let our customers trade-in their sunglasses.

After you purchase your first pair of Sagan sunglasses, you can swap them for any pair you want, at any time. When you're ready for a new pair, simply purchase an "exchange" from our website. Then we'll email you a return label and send you your new sunglasses whenever you send back the original pair.

Our prices are really, really low.

We cut out the middleman and sell our sunglasses directly to you. All of our sunglasses currently cost $95, and all of our exchanges currently cost $25. Also, there are no shipping charges, and returns are free.