If you would like to support our mission, there are several ways for you to get involved...

General Feedback

Have an opinion about our sunglasses? Not satisfied with our customer service? Think our packaging is kinda lame? We want to hear from you...whatever you think, just let us know!

 Product Ideas

Ever wish you could trade something other than sunglasses? Want to see us launch a different type of sunglasses? Let us know!

Sunglass Models

Most brands use professional models to showcase their products, but that's not what we're about. Instead, we'd like regular people to model our sunglasses. Additionally, we want to use our photography to support important causes, ideas, and organizations. Want to brag about being a model for a day? Want to use our platform to help support an important cause/organization you're involved with? Let us know!

Pop up Shops

We're interested in sharing our brand with the masses. Also, we're looking for an excuse to make a road trip! Know of a boutique store (or brewery) that wouldn't mind hosting a startup sunglass brand for a day? Reach out!

Jobs & Internships (or just really good coffee)

We're not actively seeking to hire for specific positions at this time, but if you're interested in potentially working for us (either in a full-time or part-time role) or just want to chat, we'd love to get in touch!