How it Works:

Whenever you make your first purchase ($95), we'll send you an amazing set of sunglasses. If you want to swap your sunglasses for a different pair after that, simply purchase a trade ($35) from our website. Then, we'll email you a return label and send you a pair of refurbished sunglasses once you send back the original ones.



Can I keep the same pair of sunglasses? 

You can keep your original sunglasses as long as you want! If you ever want to swap them out for a different pair, though, simply purchase a trade from our website. 

How much does it cost?

Don't worry; there are no monthly fees! We only charge you when you order your first pair of sunglasses ($95) and when you wish to trade your sunglasses ($35). 

Are sunglasses ever re-used?

Your first pair of sunglasses will be completely new, and any trades you order thereafter will be re-used. Don't worry, though! We carefully clean & repair all returned sunglasses, and we promise that every pair of sunglasses you receive from us will be in perfect condition!

What happens if I trade in sunglasses with a little wear & tear?

Normal wear and tear is perfectly ok! In instances of minor wear & tear, we'll make the repairs at no additional charge to you! However, if you trade in sunglasses with major wear & tear (i.e. missing lenses), we'll issue you a refund for the trade and send you back your sunglasses at no additional charge.

I still have a few more questions.

Don't worry! We're happy to help! Message us via the chat icon at the bottom of this page, and we'll address any other questions you have.